Unified Proficy Launch

Unified Proficy Launch


Join the GE Digital Webinar Series and learn how Proficy software is accelerating your company’s digital transformation.


Aufgezeichnet: What’s New Proficy Operations Hub 2.0

Learn how GE Digital’s Operations Hub provides common visualization and configuration across the Proficy software portfolio of HMI/SCADA, MES, data management, and analytics.

Aufgezeichnet: What’s New Proficy Historian 9.0

See how the new Proficy Historian provides Remote Collector Management and the ability to be an OPC-UA Server. 

Aufgezeichnet: What’s New Proficy iFIX 6.5

Learn how iFIX HMI/SCADA 6.5 and its modern configuration UX reduces costs and speeds time to value.

Aufgezeichnet: What’s New Proficy CSense 8.0

Learn how you can optimize with 5-in-1 analytics capabilities in a closed-loop solution.

December 3: What’s New Sensor Health

Learn how you can ensure clean sensor data to reduce risk and support digital transformation. 

December 10: What’s New Proficy Plant Applications 8.2

See how to support the digital worker as well as innovation that drives toward Zero Downtime upgrades.

December 17: What’s New Manufacturing Data Cloud 1.4

Learn how you you can easily and quickly increase the derived value of your data.

January 14: What’s New CIMPLICITY 11.1

Learn how to provide centralized web access and data storage. 

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